Relojes contra agua

Hay veces que lo literal funciona perfectamente con lo que estas tratando de comunicar, este es el caso de la marca de relojes Fastina que para comprobar que sus relojes son contra agua decidieron crear un empaque donde el reloj en cuestión se encuentra sumergido. Tal vez no sea la idea mas original del mundo pero creo que logra a la perfección su cometido que es llamar la atención del consumidor. Esta idea corrió a cargo de la agencia alemana Scholz & Friends; a continuación les dejo el Brief del proyecto.

Creative objective:

People who practice extreme sports are looking for that special something whatever they do – and they have to be able to rely on their equipment 100 percent. How can we communicate the absolute reliability and the advantages of a waterproof diver’s watch through the packaging design?

Target group:

Active people between 18 and 50 who are enthusiastic about sports and demand a great deal of their equipment. They are rational-minded and are primarily swayed in their purchasing decisions by convincing arguments.

Communicative task:

Divers look for what is hidden beneath the surface. Transferring that concept to the topic of watches, Miguel Rodriguez, the brain behind the Festina family, put it like this: “The price is not determined by appearances but solely by quality.”

The quality promised by Festina Profundo – that it stays waterproof even over long periods of time – has to be apparent in a packaging design, which satisfies the discerning target group immediately and demonstrates the quality of the watch in a convincing fashion. How can we communicate the advantages of the Festina Profundo at a single glance?


We believe in what we can see: the maximum transparency of the packaging design shows the absolute confidence we have in our product. That’s why we submit the Festina Profunda to quality control directly at the point of sale: the watch is presented in a transparent bag filled with distilled water. In subjecting it to this visible test of endurance we can convince the customers of the watch’s outstanding quality.

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