streetwear The Hundreds streetwear The Hundreds offices  streetwear The Hundreds offices streetwear The Hundreds officesstreetwear The Hundreds officesstreetwear The Hundreds offices streetwear The Hundreds offices streetwear The Hundreds offices

La gente de Hypebeast visitó las oficinas de la famosa marca de streetwear “The Hundreds” donde su su creador Bobby Hundreds les da un pequeño tour por sus envidiables instalaciones y platica un poco de como ha ido creciendo la marca con el paso de los años.

Say what you will about The Hundreds, but the brand’s progression is completely undeniable. From humble beginnings in a studio in Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, the brand has blossomed into a full-scale operation replete with its own marketing, design, sales, and editorial teams — all hosted in-house. Founder Bobby Hundreds has been made an icon in streetwear for the brand’s rampant growth, yet still yearns not to revel in the brand’s ostensible success: “It’s important for us to…have it be casual and inspiring — especially for our creative team. Also, [it’s important to] make work not feel so much like work.” Accordingly, its current space in Vernon, CA boasts a mini-ramp, arcade room, and full-scale kitchen alongside clean workspaces — a dream space for young creatives of all kinds. In the latest edition of HYPEBEAST Spaces, we explore the space with a personal guided tour courtesy of Bobby Hundreds himself.