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January 19, 2021

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David Sanden

Lettering & Logotipos

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Desde Valencia, les comparto el magnífico trabajo del diseñador de nacionalidad sueca David Sanden cuya especialidad es el lettering aplicado a logotipos y vaya que lo hace bien!

David Sanden is a graphic designer and illustrator. Born the 5th May 1987 in Gothemburg (Sweden). He grew up in Valencia (Spain) where he studied graphic design. At the moment he lives between London (UK), and Valencia. He’s been freelancing in London for the past 3 years. He also combines freelancing with personal projects such as screen printing, typography exploration, font design, illustration and photography. Influenced by loads of different sources like 80’s skateboarding artists, street art, punk culture, music, sign painting and calligraphy. Pure geometry lines, organic shapes and typography from any time are mainly what he gets inspired by.

David Sanden

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