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January 23, 2021

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Conferencia de Jon Contino en el festival Weapons of Mass Creation

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Jon Contino acaba de publicar en su blog el video completo de una muy buena conferencia que dio el año pasado en el festival “Weapons of Mass Creation” organizado por la gente de GoMedia en la ciudad de Cleveland. Lo que me gustó bastante de esta conferencia de Jon Contino es que en vez de repasar su portafolio se enfocó mucho mas en su historia de vida y ciertos eventos que lo han llevado a donde esta. Les recomiendo muchísimo que se tomen 40 minutos para verla.

Normally I’m unable to share the talks that I give. Whether it’s due to legal reasons or simply not having adequate equipment available, it never seems to happen. I’m glad to announce an end to that! (At least for now…) The fine folks at WMC Fest have released the videos of all  the speakers from this past year’s event.

I rarely want to rehash things or tread over common ground and this time wasn’t any different.This talk is more casual filled with personal stories from my life and some jokes along the way to help give a better idea of what the world is like from my perspective. To me, it seems like a better way to express my life as a designer better than any portfolio overview. We all have our niches in this world, it’s more important to share how you carved your’s out as opposed to describing what it looks like.

Jon Contino

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